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Following the program with Feldenkrais, patients showed significant improvement in their levels of pain, decreased numbers of medications, and increased quality of life."
— American Journal of Pain Management


"The Feldenkrais Method is the most extraordinary way of enhancing human abilities I have encountered."
— Walter Witryol, M.D., Department of Rehabilitative Medicine, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, "Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora" by Moshe Feldenkrais

“I have been intrigued by this subtle form of retraining the nervous system, which I recommend to patients whose movement has been restricted by injury, cerebral palsy, stroke, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain. I find it to be much more useful than standard physical therapy. I also believe that the Feldenkrais Method® can help older people achieve greater range of motion and flexibility, and help all of us feel more comfortable in our bodies.
— Andrew Weil, M.D. Author of "Spontaneous Healing and Natural Health, Natural Medicine"


“I was having constant pain in my hand, wrist, and arm. After six months of Functional Integration lessons and doing the assigned exercises, the pain in my hand occurred only infrequently. The process of change through awareness is something you have to experience to believe.”
— Erica C. Christ, writer and bartender

“As a violinist, the work has not only sped my recovery from injury, but greatly enhanced my sense of physical integrity, ease and grace—even with an activity as “unnatural” as playing the violin!”
— Ingrid Matthews, performs on Baroque and classical violin and is the Music Director of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra

“After years of back problems, the Feldenkrais Method has given me the ability to remain free of pain. They are by far the most effective and pleasurable exercises I have ever done.”
— Joseph Batkin, M.A.

“About two years ago, I tripped over a raised bit of sidewalk that had up heaved from a tree root. The jolt caused a disk in my back to herniate, resulting in a tremendous amount of pain and reduced mobility. I eventually had an MRI. The diagnosis was clear; I would have to have surgery. Not wanting to do that, I found out about the Feldenkrais Method and decided to give it a try. I completed 15 Functional Integration sessions, and was amazed to go from facing back surgery to being pain free.”
— Shirley Beieler Orthodontic Laboratory Technician/Manager, Feldenkrais practitioner trainee


“The Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to play pain free golf, without worrying about injury.”
— Duffy Waldorf, PGA Tour Golfer

“The Feldenkrais Method is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration and function.”
— Margaret Mead, Ph.D., Anthropologist

“I had suffered with chronic shoulder and arm pain that had developed into severe numbness and tingling. Nothing I did brought me any long-term relief until I started with Feldenkrais®. Through a series of Feldenkrais lessons, the chronic pain, numbness, and tingling resolved. More importantly, I learned how to manage and maintain my body to avoid these problems in the future."
— Ruth Nielsen, Attorney at Law, Nielsen Law Office Inc.


"Many of the current insights of contemporary cognitive science are illustrated by the Practice of the Feldenkrais Method." — Rafael Nunez, Ph.D., Cognitive Scientist, U.C. San Diego


"As a neuroscientist interested in the development and plasticity of the nervous system, it is gratifying to see how the Feldenkrais Method demonstrates these principles. The Feldenkrais Method has also greatly improved my personal quality of life - physically and emotionally - by reducing restrictions and limitations I though were permanent due to multiple schlerosis."
— Maria Luskin, Professor Emory University Medical School


"Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health."
— Smithsonian Magazine