Photo by Rosalie O' Connor, A Dynamic Systems Approach: A Revolutionary Perspective on Childhood Development Theory

An Interview with Anat Baniel

ATM Lesson: How Do You Write

Competitive Running

The Difference that Makes a Difference

Escaping Good Posture

Falling With Ease and Flexibility, Landing With Freedom and Softness.

Feeling Whole Again, and Again

The Feldenkrais Method®: How can it benefit dancers?

The Feldenkrais Method in the Yoga Class

Fireman Meets the Feldenkrais Method

Getting More Out of Pilates

The Impossible Became Easy

Keeping Your Balance

Learning Pleasure: Alleviating Chronic Pain with the Feldenkrais Method

Moving in Spite of Post-Polio Syndrome

Neuroplasticity and The Feldenkrais Method®

Our Bodily Stress Response and the Feldenkrais Method

Repetitive Strain Tips

Taking Steps to Recovery

Training the Actor's Instrument

Walking is with the Whole Body

When Working Out


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